The taste of home and tradition

  • winter
  • summer

Grill situated in the shade of the house will satisfy any barbecue lover during hot summer days. Fishing in the nearby pond provides you with a healthy diet. You can enrich the taste of your dishes with fresh spices from the garden by the house.

If you wish to taste the authentic local culinary delights, we can organize a visit to an Alpine dairy farm Logar corner, which is known for excellent traditional home dishes that still taste the same (savinjski želodec, mushroom soup, soured milk with buckwheat žganci, cottage cheese dumplings, strudel, ...). The youngest who do not like cracklings will definitely be pleased with splendid blueberry pancakes.

Special culinary pampering can be experienced in a slow food restaurant Hiša Raduha in Luče (around 12 kilometres from our place). Their inventive dishes give you the taste of love towards nature and the rich gastronomic tradition in this region with a modern hint.


Logarska dolina Slovenia